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Specify the supersymmetric parameters below and select some of the options. Then

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Supersymmetric model parameters

      mu m_A tan(beta)
M_1 M_2 M_3
m_sq A_t A_b

      m_0 m_{1/2} tan(beta)
A_0 sign(mu)

Relic density

Calculation: (typically <20sec, sometimes many minutes)

Halo model

Density profile:

Radiative corrections

Higgs masses:
Neutralino masses:

Gauge coupling constants at the Z scale

alpha_em sin^2(theta_W) alpha_s

Standard model masses

photon gluon Z W
nu_e e u d
nu_mu mu c s
nu_tau tau t b

Standard model widths


CKM matrix

sin(theta_12) sin(theta_23) sin(theta_13) delta